How vulnerable are our supply systems?

When we talk about supply systems you might not at first think about the same things as I might.  For instance, my first response is that a supply system might be trucks or a conveyance that brings products from one location to another.  But what in another focus on supply system vulnerability we might think about the vulnerability of supply systems that don’t necessarily physically move things from one place to another , but rather control those types of systems before the supplies are even put into the truck.  These are still supply chains that do something to bring our food, fuel and other necessities that has a vulnerability because of a lack of data transmission resources? This is the inability to find, move and track items because of computer system breakdowns which run these things?


How we fill our day

Consider how we fill our day.  Of course there are 24 hours to consider here. 8 of it, more or less, is spent sleeping. Of the 16 hours left, a portion of it is used up getting a living. Usually this is around 8 hours though some are fortunate enough not to have to spend that much of the day “working”. Others have to spend more. Sadly, work and sleep is how some people are filling the greater part of their allotment of 24 hours in each day.

However the time in our day is filled, the focus here is meant to be, not on how we currently fill our day, but rather on how we should fill that time. Only by doing that can we begin to consider finding ways to adjust our activities, to be able to fill the time we have in our lives, to our best advantage.

My Two Cents Worth

Well, you offered a penny for my thoughts. Here’s my two cents worth anyway.